Vizionary has an easy and straight forward commission plan for those that wish to build a network business with us. We basically offer; a Direct Sales Commission, a Binary Commission for building 2 teams and a Matching Bonus Commission for helping others build 2 teams. achievementYou earn 5 CV for every slot purchased in your Binary Downline
*1 Step is 500 CV in each leg = 50 Euro to 80 Euro

•There are NO autoship required …
•There are NO personal purchase activities required to accumulate CV or to earn commission.

Here is a quick business overview:



To help you understand the Vizionary Compensation Plan, here’s some brief definitions of terms used in the plan:

Associate : An Associate is an Independent business owner who may or may not be a customer of Vizionary but participates in the Vizionary Income Opportunity and develops a marketing organization to market the opportunities and products.

Business Week : Business Week is counted from Monday to Sunday (UTC Time Zone). This is used in calculating the Income Protection Variable to determine the Network Team Bonuses and determining your Active Status.

Customer : A Customer is one who makes a retail purchase of any of Vizionary Product lines and/or services either from the website or from an Associate who has made a wholesale purchase.

Commissionable Value (CV) : A value assigned to an item and used to track business activity to calculate the commissions and qualifications levels.

Generation/Level : This is sometimes referred to as a generation and is related to your Genealogy Team Structure. People that you introduce will be on your Level 1. People that they introduce will be on your Level 2 and so on.

Income Protection Variables (IPVs) : To protect the business and your income, we will ensure that we never pay out more than 65% of the (CV) income in a given week in commissions. The standard IPVs in the system is 1.00 for all Recognition Levels. If this changes then it will be announced in your Associate Business Management Area. The IPVs will then be used to recalculate the Cycle values in a given weekly commission run to ensure that your income is protected for the long term.

Leg : A Leg is one side of your Network Team Structure. Network Team Bonus is calculated based on sales volume that is generated on these two legs.

Matching Bonus : The people you introduce as Associates and the people that they introduce. This is sometimes also referred to as the unilevel structure or Sponsorship Tree. The Genealogy determines how you get Matching Bonus regardless of where they are placed in the Network Team Structure.

Mining Slots : Mining slot allows you to acquire Capricoins. You need to mine at least one slot per week to remain active in the system. Mining slots either come in the registration pack or can be bought using Mining Units; you need to spend 50 Mining Units to purchase a mining slot, regardless of the price.

Mining Units : Mining Units. These are used to mine coins. They can be used to mine for yourself as an Associate. They can be sold to other Associates and to end customers.

Network Team Structure : In a Network Team Compensation Plan, there are two sides on which the Partners are placed these are commonly referred to as the Left Leg and the Right Leg. Network Bonus is calculated based on sales volume that is allocated to these two legs.

Power Leg : The Network Team Leg (left or right) that is directly in line with your referrer. This means that you are likely to get help from your upline in this leg.

Retail Bonus : The profit earned on any product sold by the Associate to the Customer. This is the difference between the Wholesale Price paid by the Associate and the Retail Price paid by the Customer.

Sponsor/Referrer : Your sponsor or your referrer is the person who introduced you to Vizionary as an Associate.

Working Leg : The Network Team Leg (left or right) that is directly opposite your Power Leg. This means that you need to build this team personally.

Mining Unit Resale Program

Reselling Capricoin Mining Slots is one of the cornerstones of the Vizionary business. The Vizionary Resale Program enables you to buy Mining Units (Mining Units) from other Associates through our unique Wholesale Platform. There are three things you can do with Vizionary Mining Units.

Sell Mining Slots to end customer through the Retail website that we provide.
Use them to mine Capricoin
Resell to other Vizionary Associates through the same Wholesale platform.

All income generated from either Retailing or Wholesaling is placed directly into your Resale Account. If you did not have enough units in your account or you sold escrowed units through Retail then the sales revenue will be placed in the Mandatory Account.

Retail Platform

Retail Packages are available to end customer for sale through the website. The customers that you gather here will not be able to earn any income from the business building program but will be able to mine coin. To become an associate a customer will need to register again and purchase one of the Associate Promotional Packs.

Retail price of each Mining Unit is €0.50. A Retail Pack for customers consists of 50 Mining Units and allows the customer to mine Capricoin. The price of the Retail Pack is €25 and it provides 1 mining slot for the customer for that week. This removes 50 Mining Units from your account and places 90% of the sales proceeds into your Resale Account.

Wholesale System

Wholesale sales can only be made by Vizionary Associates and cannot be sold directly to non-Associates. This price is regulated by Supply and Demand within specific parameters. The system has been designed to ensure that the price of the Mining Units in the Wholesale System does not exceed the Retail price.

The price in the Wholesale Platform is fully automated between €0.15 and €0.25 with pricing intervals marked in a tenth of a cent. In the wholesale Platform Associates can buy and sell any number of Mining Units as allowed by their daily limits of their account. To begin the buying and selling process, simply log into your Vizionary Associates Area and access the Vizionary Resale Program.

Mining Rewards

The Wholesale system enables you to buy mining units at a discounted rate and where necessary sell unused mining units back to other Vizionary members.

Every 10 weeks we will check the mining history for each user and calculate a Mining Reward for the users who remain active for the full period will be rewarded as follows :

mining rewards

All Mining Units have a 180 days expiry from the date of purchase. Any units given by the company as Mining Unit Reward will have 60 days expiry. This means that the Mining Units will expire if they are left dormant in one account longer than the expiry date.

Mining Units need to be resold or used for mining before they expire. When you make sales, the oldest Mining Units will be sold first. Please bear in mind that the mining units given in the packages can only be used for mining and are not available for resale. All mining slots used in a given week will produce 5cv into the Network Team Structure for payment in the week after.


Direct Sales Commission

Direct Sales Commission is paid for gathering new associates and selling an Associate Promotional Pack to them. Here are the packages that allow you to participate in the Vizionary Program and what is included in each package.

commissions overview2

All packages come with Cryptocurrency Education as standard. You will receive a 10% Direct Sales Commission based on the price of the promotional package that you sell to everyone that you personally refer. It’s possible to earn up to 20% on each package you sell for the first 30 days. Ref; 30 Days Bonus below.

Additional mining units need to be used within 180 days of purchase. You can upgrade at any time simply by paying the difference between the price of the package that you have now and the price of the upgrade package. Upgrade to the Vizionary package can only be done if you first hold a Platinum package.

Network Team Commission

Network Team Commission AKA binary commission is a bonus which is paid for building a two sided team structure. In your backoffice, you will see a binary tree where you place your new associates. Every time you or someone else places an associate below you, in your binary tree, down to infinity, you will receive points that is referred to as CV (Commissionable Value). You also earn CV for every mining slot bought throughout your entire binary structure.To be introduced 2016: You will also earn CV every time someone in your structure uses Capricoin.

commissions overview3

500 points + 500 points = 1 step

Every Monday, the CV points you have accumulated are calculated and converted to Euro commissions.

The points are calculated like this: 500 CV on right and 500 CV on left are processed and you receive 1 step in exchange.

Points that do not get processed for the weeks commission run are saved to future calculations.


However, points that are not processed within 26 weeks/180 days will be deleted with the oldest points always being processed first. There is an overview of this in your backoffice.

Your commissions are paid out as steps AKA pay-cycles and each 1 step has a different value, depending upon your recognition level.

commissions overview4

There is a ONE TIME activation you MUST complete, to earn full Step Value and that is to personally make sales in each of your binary legs, totaling at least 200 CV. Until you do so, your Step Value will be €20.00.At the table above you can also see Low Cap and High Cap. This refers to the maximum you can earn, per week with your binary commissions.

Low Cap means that if you do not personally contribute to your Power-leg then you will Cap at the amounts you see on the table above, even if you have more points in the system. Cap means that the points you weren’t able to use, if any, will be deleted, since you maxed out your position for that week.

High Cap is the maximum you can earn if you contribute to the volume of your Power-leg.

Note: The Vizionary commission system automatically identifies and displays one your sides as your Power-leg. This is the leg where you potentially get help from above. The opposite leg is your Working-leg.

The rule of Low Cap VS. High Cap is as follows: As long as you have minimum 5000 CV being generated by your personal team in your Power-leg each week (meaning volume that originates from you), you will never Cap on the Low Cap. For every 100CV above 5000CV from your personal team in the Power-leg, potentially earns you 1 more step if you have enough points to qualify.

Let’s take an even closer look, so you understand it:

Let’s first recognize what your personal team requirement is on a weekly basis. This doesn’t mean that you personally need to sell 5000CV every week.It means that that somewhere down in you Power-leg this volume is created by people that are tracked back to you. For example: you introduced Katalin, and she introduced Dave, who introduced Thomas. Now, Thomas and his team are going strong and that group is generating the volume you need, to qualify for High Cap. The stronger the team is, that you build in the Power-leg, the easier it will be for you to qualify for High Cap when you need it. So, we recommend that you think build evenly for both legs from day 1.

Let’s look at the chart below to make it even clearer.

Example: Let’s say you have 250,000 CV in each leg.

commissions overview5

Low Cap – High Cap is a rule Vizionary created, to make sure the people who make high incomes contribute to their Power-leg. In many cases this creates spillover, which inspires the downline and therefore making it more achievable for people to generate high binary incomes, due to a more balanced building requirement. This rule creates a situation where the top earners sort of say, thank you for helping me be successful.

This is something you can use in your marketing pitch as well. For example; Nobody can achieve the highest levels of success without helping both legs grow. In other words; Nobody can just sit above you and become hugely successful while not contribute in one of their legs, like in every other binary plan you will find.

That is unfair and Vizionary is proud to have created this rule and and it is something you can look forward to as a new person joining Vizionary.

Get Started & 30 days Bonus

Get Started Bonus

Vizionary pays you a €100 bonus when you reach 5 steps – no time limit
Vizionary pays you an additional €250 when you reach 20 steps – no time limit

30 Days Bonus

After 30 days Vizionary will check your Get started progress.

Reach 5 to 19 steps : you will be given 50% extra referral bonus on all packages you personally sold.
Reach 20+ steps : you will be given 100% extra referral bonus on all packages you personally sold.


A very important point about Vizionary :

To earn commissions with Vizionary, know that Vizionary does not ask for any; weekly, monthly or yearly requirements/activity from you. If you refer, you get paid – when your teams work, you accumulate CV and earn Matching Bonuses, regardless if you personally purchase any products from Vizionary or not. In other words, there are no autoships.

Matching Network Team Commission

Once qualified you can earn a Matching Network Team Commission from all Associates in your Genealogy Team Structure down to 5 generations. To be qualified for Matching Network Team Commission you personally need to be Gold or a above Associate and need to personally refer either Gold or above product packs into your binary team structure.

commissions overview6

Note: Only members that are placed on the outside of both legs count for the qualification. Don’t mistake this from who you earn from. You earn Matching Network Team Commission from every member in the generations you are qualified for, regardless where they are placed and what type of product package they hold.

* If you reach the position of Vizionary Leader and qualify for Matching Network Team Commission for 3 Generations then you could earn an additional 5% Matching Network Team Commission in your team from 6 Generation onwards. This is paid on all Associates in your Genealogy Team down to unlimited levels and through 3 generations of Vizionary Leaders, Vizionary Directors or Vizionary Presidents. This means that you will get Matching Bonus down to the 4th Vizionary Leader in your team.

Vizionary Leadership Recognition

Vizionary Leadership Recognition is a status you can reach by building your Binary Team. To be promoted to a level you will need to have first upgraded your account to the level of Gold or higher. Your first 2 goals are to attain the level of Associate 5 (at 5 cycles, bonus paid to all qualified members, regardless of membership type) and then Senior Associate by earning 20 Network Team Commission Cycle pay outs.Achieve these 2 goals within 30 days of purchasing your product package to earn the Get Started Bonus as shown above.

commissions overview7
This site does not provide financial advice and joining Vizionary is not an investment.